2019 Workshop descriptions

All workshops will take place on Thursday 27th June 2019 at ETC Venues London County Hall. Tickets are available online today

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+ Introduction to measuring user experience, Bill Albert

The goal of the workshop is to develop a broad awareness and understanding of all the different ways to measure the usability and user experience of various products. The workshop will review the strengths and limitations of different UX metrics, and under what circumstances different metrics should be considered. During the workshop we will use basic statistical techniques to analyze a wide variety of UX data so we can distill key patterns or trends in the data.

A wide variety of UX metrics will be reviewed, including performance-based metrics, self-reported metrics, behavioral metrics, and comparative metrics. We will also show techniques for combing metrics into an overall UX scorecard. Throughout the workshop there will be examples of how to present and report UX metrics in a clear and persuasive way.

The workshop will wrap up with a discussion of different tools and techniques to collect quantitative data that is budget and time friendly, as well as create a culture of measurement within your design organization. There will be various exercises throughout the workshop to give you hands-on experience with analyzing different types of UX metrics. Much of the material covered will be based on the book “Measuring the User Experience” co-written by the presenter. Key learnings:

· Gain exposure to all the different ways to measure the user experience, including when to use (and not use) specific UX metrics

· Learn a few basic statistical techniques for analyzing UX metrics

· Be aware of specific tools and techniques for measuring the user experience

· Take home specific ideas on how to bring UX metrics into your organization’s design process

+ A strategic research framework everyone can use, Meena & Zarla

You’re ready to embark on a research study. Your team has the chance to investigate people’s behaviors, and you find yourself receiving questions from all directions. The questions sometimes feel haphazard, opportunistic, and as though everyone has been waiting for a moment to get in front of users. You know it is important to promote research within the organization, and you know there are factors to consider when running research, but somehow there is a communication gap between stakeholder asks, and what research can do. Balancing constraints such as time, budget, access to people and more becomes hard to manage.

Sound familiar?

In this workshop, Meena Kothandaraman and Zarla Ludin from twig+fish research practice (Boston, USA) will share a framework that establishes the positioning, the power and practice of research transparency. This workshop will reveal a demonstrable approach for permeable success of research as a strategic practice within an organization. Sharing the research mindset and responsibility, and roadmapping questions to strategic organizational processes are just some of the benefits attendees can immediately apply.

+ Yes, and! Soft skills for ux researchers by Khalida and Patti

You may have great research skills, but in order to be effective in any organization, you need soft skills, too! Borrowing from classic improv techniques, we'll practice empathy, open-mindedness, active listening, collaboration, storytelling, and more! Incorporating a mix of improv games and UX Research techniques, we will demonstrate how to leverage soft skills to build upon your research superpowers. Participants will walk away with a practical understanding of how to gain greater visibility within their organizations and exert greater influence over product decisions. This workshop is geared toward early-mid career level UX Researchers and UX Designers, but even Senior-level practitioners will enjoy and benefit from practicing these techniques in a supportive setting.

+ Jobs to be done in the Police Digital Service by Clare

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